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Web development

Top-ICT Solutions offers web development for your website using the latest technology available. The websites have a CMS and are modulair. This means that a module can easily be integrated within the website.

Website Bundels with Content Management System (CMS)

All website Bundels include a CMS which makes updating the web-content and adding a module faster and easier. We offer these website Bundels at very competitive prices.Web-development This is an optimal choice when you will require content updates or additions of components (to be done).

Website content updates

The website content can be updated by you and/or by Top-ICT Solutions. You can do all the updates you wish. Top-ICT Solutions will also offer to do a number of updates depending on the website bundle and the agreed service contract. You may avail of one of our "Service contract" packages which we offer at very attractive rates.

Implementing a module with requested functionality

We offer a wide range of modules. They can deliver the functionality you requested. An example of this is a Webshop. The implementation of a module can be administered by Top-ICT Solutions. We can easily and quickly implement the module in the website that we develop(ed) for you. This translates to affordable and competitive prices, thus we are able to deliver Top-ICT Solutions.

Web design as custom design or as website templates converted into your house style

Web designs can be realized by requesting a web custom design starting as from € 299,-- Choosing one of our design website templates is possible also, we can convert it into your house style. Our website Bundels already include the installation of the web designs. The web custom design or the website template with the possible conversion is excluded from the website Bundels. Click here to vist the "Website Templates" page.

Further information about the services and products mentioned above like web development, CMS, modules etc. are available on this website by going to the menu items "Services" and "Products".


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