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About us

Top-ICT Solutions is dedicated to delivering Top-ICT (Information, Communication Technology) Solutions to its customers.
Studying the marketWe offer our products and services at affordable and very competitive prices. We believe that this is the right strategy for us to be able to deliver to our customers what they are looking for.

We are continuously looking in and studying the market. By innovating and using the latest tools available, we are able to keep low costs. Please look at our available products and services to learn more about this aspect. This way, we are able to deliver Top-ICT Solutions based on low initial and maintenance costs.

About us. Small companyWe are a small company and we also work with many other small companies which have their own expertise. They focus on the niche market of the products and services they are specializing in. They are leaders in their field of expertise and also comply with the standards of Top-ICT Solutions on delivering high quality products and services over the Internet at affordable and competitive prices.

By bundling the expertise of our partners with ours we can mean a lot to our cliƫnts and deliver custom solutions at sharp rates. Contact us by filling in the form so we can advise you with your website. We implement e.g. various standard and custom software provided by other parties, such as online stores, in your website.

We do a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. We consider this an an important issue in this time. We do this by outsourcing work to technical advance countries like the Philippines, India and Vietnam. We do this only if the customer also agrees. We are also working on a new website which is ment to promote the use of Green Power for All over the whole world.

Our approach allows our customers to be served at competitive prices while CSR is possible and Top-ICT Solutions can operate as a healthy company.

Please fill in the contact form if you like more information about us.


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